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Watch this video and follow the instructions below.

1. Read John 6 and 7 and look for the themes of Jesus’ purpose and relationship with the Father.
2. Become specifically aware of the mission/values/vision of the organization. Also catalog where you are confused, uncertain, or unaligned with the ministry/campus/church objectives.

1. Serve in a non-leadership role practicing working in the dynamics of following well.
2. Schedule a time with the point leader of a campus/church/ministry to have a “vision alignment” discussion. Share the areas where you may feel unaligned and get their perspective.
3. Take the opportunity to “give someone else the ball” and support their initiative, idea, or plan.

1. What principles of “Honoring authority” did you see play out?
2. What is most difficult for you in leading from this spot?
3. What growth edge exists for you in this area?
4. How does what you experienced play out as a campus pastor?
5. Is this easy for you or will it require vigilant attention?

Content developed by Steve Pugh, Campus Pastor at The Chapel's Barrington campus.

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